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Public Notices and Review Documents

Never Flush Diapers, or Feminine Hygiene Products

These products do not disintegrate in water as quickly as toilet paper and often cause clogs in public sewer mains. Put these items in the trash, not the toilet.

See the results when
 Consumer Reports and the Water Environment Federation tested so-called flushable products. If wipes can clog large sewer mains, they can definitely clog your home’s sewer lateral, requiring you to pay a plumber to clear the blockage.

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Notice of Public Hearing July 9, 2013 Rate IncreaseSuperUser Account 4/21/2014482.19 KBDownload
Indemnification Agreement Release (Garbage Exemption)SuperUser Account 3/14/2016272.31 KBDownload
Ordinance 99-102 Solid Waste DisposalSuperUser Account 4/7/20165.97 MBDownload
Ordinance 2013-100 Sewer Service ChargesSuperUser Account 2/7/20171.66 MBDownload
Board Candidate QuestionareSuperUser Account 3/14/2016838.44 KBDownload
Amended Ordinance 99-102 Article III Amendment 2013SuperUser Account 2/7/20171.95 MBDownload
Form 806- Agency Report of Public Official AppointmentsSuperUser Account 5/1/2017344.94 KBDownload
Ethics Training CertificatesSuperUser Account 2/7/20171.73 MBDownload
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