The Rodeo Sanitary District (RSD) is an enterprise district, formed in 1939, that serves the town of Rodeo and the village of Tormey, about 8,679 residents and businesses in Western Contra Costa County. Our treatment plant in Rodeo collects and treats an average dry weather flow 550,000 gallons of wastewater per day.

Mission Statement

To safely provide the highest level of waste water collection and treatment as economically as possible for the people of Rodeo while protecting the sensitive ecosystem of the San Pablo Bay and the overall environment.

For Sewer Overflows

Contact the District immediately at (510) 799-2970, 24 hours a day.
After hours, our answering service will contact on-call personnel.

Public Notices

There are no public notices at this time

07/09/2019Regular Board Meeting Cancellation

Rates, Fees, and Charges

Annual Sewer Service Charge

Rodeo Sanitary District collects an annual Sewer Service Charge from each property connected to the sewer system. The current residential rate is $996.38 per year for a single-family residence. For most property owners, the charge is billed on the Contra Costa County property tax bill and is labeled RODEO SANITARY GW.

The annual Sewer Service Charge covers the collection and treatment of wastewater and other activities described in the Proposition 218 notice mailed to property owners (May 18, 2018) The Sewer Service Charge is billed for the upcoming fiscal year.

Commercial Sewer Service Charges shall be based on water meter reading or minimum charge, whichever is greater, and will be billed annually. This charge is based on their water consumption for the prior calendar year.

The schedule of annual Sewer Service Charges and Commercial Rates can be found in the ordinance below:

Ordinance 2018-100 - Schedule of Sewer Service Charge Rates

Rodeo Sanitary District does not take credit cards.
The District only accepts payments through cash or check.

Plan Check Fees

The Contra Costa County Building department requires that any building improvement plans be first reviewed by the District. Sanitary Sewer plan check services are offered at the District Office and are typically a 24 hour turn around.

Plan approval fee $20.

Connection Fee for New Sewer Lateral

Property owners desiring sewer service for new construction, second units, additions, septic system conversion or other forms of development should contact the District to obtain specific instructions and guidelines. The process is often facilitated by meeting with District staff in person to discuss your project early in the process. To arrange a meeting or to obtain information about the process, please call the District at (510) 799-2970.

Ordinance 61 - Connection Fees

Annexation Fees

Annexation to the District is the process of entering a land parcel into the service area of the District. These fees are clearly separate from connection fees in that there is no overlap of both fee structures. Please contact the District to obtain information and requirements for annexation. District staff will typically work with applicants to navigate this process.

Currently the annexation charge revenue is based on a fee of $2,000 per acre to be annexed.

Capital Improvements Equalization Fee

In addition to the sewer service charge set forth above, Rodeo Sanitary District shall impose a Capital Improvements Equalization Fee on commercial and residential users for which no ad valorem tax revenues are received by the District. The vast majority of residential and commercial users provide additional annual revenues to the District as a result of a portion of their ad valorem tax dollars being allocated to the District – no tax revenues are received by the District for certain users. This fee is intended to equalize the amount of the revenues to be received by the District from each similarly categorized user, In order to equalize the amount of the revenue received from similarly categorized user, an additional charge for costs resulting from capital improvements shall be levied on such commercial and residential customers from which ad valorem tax revenues are not received by the District. This Capital Improvement Equalization Charge shall be $45.00 per year per residential dwelling unit and an amount equal to 17 percent of the Sewer Service Charge Fee set forth herein for non-residential accounts.

Other Ordinances Adopted by the District

Ordinance 08-101 - Testing of Building Sewers or Sewer Laterals Ordinance 99-102 - Solid Waste Disposal

Sewer Lateral Grant Program

The Building Sewer Replacement Grant Program is offered to eligible owners of property located within the boundaries of the Rodeo Sanitary District to help defray up to $1,500 of the cost of completely replacing qualified defective building sewers or sewer laterals. Rodeo Sanitary District allocates funding for the sewer lateral grant program for the fiscal year 2019/2020. Grants will be made on a first come, first served basis until the allocated funds for the year are dispersed.

If you have any questions regarding the Sewer Lateral Grant Program, please contact the District at (510) 799-2970.

Grant Program Guidelines Grant Application Rodeo Area Plumbers Sewer Lateral Extension Sample Letter




Board of Directors

The Rodeo Sanitary District is an independent public agency, governed by a five-person Board of Directors. The Directors are elected “at large” from the District’s electorate and serve a four year term. Terms are staggered, with two terms expiring in one even-numbered year, and three terms expiring the following even-numbered year. Their election is governed by the California Elections Code. For further information on elections, please visit the Contra Costa County Election Department.

The California Election Code currently requires general district elections to choose a successor for each elective officer whose term will expire on the first Friday in December following the election to be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November in each even-numbered year. In the event of a mid-term vacancy on the Board of Directors the District fills the vacancy in accordance with the provisions of California Government Code 1780.

Connie Batchelder President Term: 12/06/2016-12/06/2020
Janet Callaghan Vice President Term: 12/06/2016-12/06/2020
Richard Frakes Secretary Term: 12/06/2016-12/06/2020
Angela Noble Member Term: 12/06/2018-12/06/2022
Maureen Brennan Member Term: 12/06/2018-12/06/2022

Ethics Training Certificates Form 806 - Agency Report of Public Official Appointments

District Staff

Below are the kind, courteous members of the staff of the Rodeo Sanitary District, who are here to serve the people and protect the environment.

Steven Beall District Manager
Nancy Lefebvre District Administrator
Andrew Alva Laboratory Technician/Operator II
Dennis Lambert Collections Systems Crew Leader II
James Petalio Senior Operator
Timothy Gregor Operator II
Damien Loyola Operator II
Dean Twigg Operator In Training

Board Meetings

The RSD Board of Directors meets the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00 PM at the John Swett Unified School District Board Room, 400 Parker Avenue, Rodeo, CA.


12/11/2019Special Board Meeting Agenda 12/09/2019Budget Committee Meeting Agenda 11/12/2019Regular Board Meeting Agenda 11/07/2019Budget Committee Meeting Agenda 10/08/2019Regular Board Meeting Agenda 09/30/2019Administrative Committee Meeting Agenda 09/12/2019Special Board Meeting Agenda 09/09/2019Budget Committee Meeting Agenda 09/05/2019Administrative Committee Meeting Agenda 08/13/2019Regular Board Meeting Agenda 08/12/2019Budget Committee Meeting Agenda 08/08/2019Administrative Committee Meeting Agenda 07/23/2019Regular Board Meeting Agenda 07/22/2019Budget Committee Meeting Agenda 07/02/2019Special Board Meeting Agenda 06/11/2019Regular Board Meeting Agenda 06/10/2019Budget Committee Meeting Agenda 05/14/2019Regular Board Meeting Agenda 05/13/2019Budget Committee Meeting Agenda 04/30/2019Special Board Meeting Agenda 04/09/2019Meeting Cancellation Notice 04/09/2019Regular Board Meeting Agenda 04/08/2019Budget Committee Meeting Agenda 03/26/2019Special Board Meeting Agenda 03/12/2019Regular Board Meeting Agenda 03/11/2019Budget Committee Meeting Agenda 02/12/2019Regular Board Meeting Agenda 02/11/2019Budget Committee Meeting Agenda 01/22/2019Special Board Meeting Agenda 01/07/2019Budget Committee Meeting Agenda 01/08/2019Regular Board Meeting Agenda 12/11/2018Regular Board Meeting Agenda 11/13/2018Regular Board Meeting Agenda 10/09/2018Regular Board Meeting Agenda 09/18/2018Special Board Meeting Agenda 09/11/2018Regular Board Meeting Agenda 08/28/2018Special Board Meeting Agenda 08/14/2018Regular Board Meeting Agenda 08/13/2018Budget Committee Meeting Agenda 07/31/2018Administrative Committee Meeting Agenda 07/24/2018Special Board Meeting Agenda 07/10/2018Regular Board Meeting Agenda 07/09/2018Budget Committee Meeting Agenda 06/12/2018Regular Board Meeting Agenda 06/11/2018Budget Committee Meeting Agenda 05/22/2018Special Board Meeting Agenda 05/08/2018Regular Board Meeting Agenda 05/07/2018Budget Committee Meeting Agenda 05/02/2018Administrative Committee Meeting Agenda 04/24/2018Special Board Meeting Agenda 04/16/2018Budget Committee Meeting Agenda 04/10/2018Regular Board Meeting Agenda 04/09/2018Budget Committee Meeting Agenda 03/13/2018Regular Board Meeting Agenda 03/12/2018Budget Committee Meeting Agenda 03/06/2018Administrative Committee Meeting Agenda 02/13/2018Regular Board Meeting Agenda 02/12/2018Budget Committee Meeting Agenda 02/06/2018Administrative Committee Meeting Agenda 01/23/2018Special Board Meeting Agenda 01/09/2018Regular Board Meeting Agenda 01/08/2018Budget Committee Meeting Agenda


Financial Information

The Rodeo Sanitary District operates under a fiscal year budget cycle beginning July 1 and ending June 30. Sewer Service Charges are established to cover the cost of the operation, maintenance, and capital improvements to the sanitary sewer system.

The Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Operations Budget is $2.19 million and the planned Capital Expenditures are $2.48 million.

The rate for each user category is based on the specific property address use code. Residential properties are charged a flat fee while non-residential and commercial properties are charged at a metered rate of water used.

Ordinance 2018-100 - Schedule of Sewer Service Charge Rates
Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Operations Budget Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Capital Budget Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Operations Budget Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Capital Budget Financial Reserves Policy California State Controller's Office (SCO) Government Compensation in California (GCC) Disclosure of Reimbursements 2018-2019 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) as of 2018 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) as of 2017 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) as of 2016


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