Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if sewage is backing up into my house?

For a sewer emergency 24/7, call (510) 799-2970 (Option #9)

If you are reporting a sewer backup or overflow incident, please notify the District’s Offices, 24 hours a day, at (510) 799-2970. District’s On-Call staff will respond to the reported sanitary sewer incident in about one hour. Please follow phone message prompts for sewer emergencies.

When a District Representative speaks to you please have the following information ready to expedite the response: Name, Address, Phone Number, Address or location of the overflow and all conditions you are experiencing.

If you are experiencing a backup into your home please remain calm, remove all persons and pets from the area. If sewage has overflowed inside the home shutoff all heating and air conditioning (HVAC) units. Do not attempt to remove any affected items from the area.

If Rodeo Sanitary District is found to be responsible for the incident, we are committed to cleaning and restoring your property, and to protecting the health of those affected during the remediation process.

How am I billed for sewer service?

Rodeo Sanitary District collects an annual Sewer Service Charge from each property connected to the sewer system. The current residential rate is $996.38 per year for a single-family residence. For most property owners, the charge is billed on the Contra Costa County property tax bill and is labeled RODEO SANITARY GW.

The annual Sewer Service Charge covers the collection and treatment of wastewater and other activities described in the Proposition 218 notice mailed to property owners (May 18, 2018) The Sewer Service Charge is billed for the upcoming fiscal year.

Commercial Sewer Service Charges shall be based on water meter reading or minimum charge, whichever is greater, and will be billed annually. This charge is based on their water consumption for the prior calendar year.

The schedule of annual Sewer Service Charges and Commercial Rates can be found in the ordinance below:

Does Rodeo Sanitary handle Garbage (Solid Waste)?

No. Rodeo Sanitary only maintains the sanitary sewer system. The solid waste hauler for Rodeo Sanitary District is Republic Services. For garbage service please contact Republic Services at (510) 262-7100.

Do I need to replace my sewer lateral when I sell or remodel my house?